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Despite their extremely low system costs, our indoor cameras feature all coveted MOBOTIX functions, such as hemispheric technology. Since distances are shorter indoors, a hemispheric video system with a fisheye lens and 360° all-round view (ceiling installation) or 180° panorama view (wall installation) is often the most efficient solution for indoor surveillance. A single camera can discretely monitor an entire room without any blind spots.

Discreet, Multi-Functional Video Surveillance

unutarnja kamera v26 Dome

v26 Dome

The V26 Dome camera is the first Mobotix indoor anti-vandal camera which also includes a 6-megapixel Moonlight sensor enabling high quality video recording even under poor light conditions. The camera is furnished with an integrated MxActivitySensor capable of detecting even the smallest movements thus reducing the false alarms.

i26 180°

The i26 180° indoor camera is a compact and safe hemispheric camera designed for wall mounting at an angle of 15o to provide panorama view of the room.  High sensitivity 6-megapixel sensors, high-contrast, unblurred image and hemispheric technology make the camera an ideal solution for any environment.

unutarnja kamera p26 PT

p26 PT

The new p26 6 megapixel camera is equipped with a brand new 6 megapixel Moonlight sensor technology that provides the best camera performance in conditions of poor lighting conditions. With all Mobotix applications, the p26 camera is one of the most attractive and price-sensitive solutions in the market.

unutarnja kamera c26 360°

c26 360°

The c26 360° indoor camera is designed for installation in suspended ceilings. With a diameter of 12 cm and a weight of 200 g, it is the smallest and the lightest Mobotix complete video system. It is supplied with three clamps for easy installation in false ceilings similar to that of halogen or led lights.

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