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From Antarctica to the tropical swamps of Florida, MOBOTIX cameras are known around the world for their reliability, even under the harshest environmental conditions, and prove it each and every day. Thanks to their lack of mechanical moving parts and unique, multifunctional design, MOBOTIX outdoor cameras require no additional heating or cooling at temperatures from -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to 140°F). Their maintenance-free, fiber-glass reinforced housing also protects against extremely high humidity levels (non-condensing), corrosion, pollutants and direct sunlight.

Discreet, Multi-Functional Video Surveillance

vanjska kamera D16 DualDome

D16 DualDome

The D16 DualDome camera with two fully adjustable lenses, internal data storage and dual image of max.  12.5 megapixels presents one of the most efficient security solutions. It makes it possible to secure two different areas with a single camera and is furnished with a digital sensor for sensitivity at night.

M16 AllroundDual

As a result of a superior technology, the M16 AllroundDual camera features a unique design and functionality. The waterproof AllroundDual camera with the best image quality at day and highest sensitivity at night is an ideal solution for 24-hour surveillance.

S16 DualFlex

This compact and particularly imperceptible camera is fully flexible and the first camera with two hemispheric, high resolution and 360° view lenses. The camera includes two miniature sensor modules connected to the camera electronic components with a 2 m cable. It is fully resistant to any weather conditions and, thanks to different installation options; it can provide a 100% coverage of two rooms.

vanjska kamera D26 Dome

D26 Dome

The elegant and discreet D26 Dome camera is designed in accordance with the state-of-the art technology with lenses ranging from 103° – 15°. Its resolution is up to 6 megapixels and internal data storage capacity is up to 128GB. The camera housing is waterproof, easy to maintain and designed for outdoor installation.

vanjska kamera M26 Allround

M26 Allround

The professional camera for indoor and outdoor applications with up to 6 megapixel resolution. Furnished with an IP66 certified waterproof housing and internal data storage of 128GB.

Q26 Hemispheric

The elegant, compact and waterproof Q26 Hemispheric camera is an ideal access control solution. Thanks to its 360° lens, the Q26 hemispheric camera features the possibility of panorama function and quad image view from four different angles at a time and allows the view of the entire room.

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