Kolnoa Fleet Management

A High Quality Satellite Surveillance System

A Key to Your Business Success

Complete Administration and Full Fleet Cost Control

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Simple. Reliable. Accurate.

KEEPING IT SIMPLE is a system designed to be user friendly, reliable and capable of fast reporting. A simple interface, fast application and automatic control of certain processes significantly facilitate the user’s daily work.

Our objective is to simplify as much as possible the user’s control over all processes associated with their fleet vehicles. High quality technical support and software, short response time to any request indicate our professional approach to daily work with our customers.

Vehicle Surveillance

One of the most accurate satellite vehicle surveillance systems in the global market.

Cost Management

Automatic data entry control, monthly and annual reports, maintenance costs and all other vehicle related costs.


Receive the messages about necessary vehicle maintenance works in due time.

Tailor Made Solutions

High quality and fast technical support and software.

In addition to conventional vehicle tracking, we are also offering solutions adapted to different activities such as inter-city delivery services, road operators, utility companies, taxi services, rent-a car and rent-a boat services.

Led by the experience of our multiannual customers, we have created solutions which fully satisfy their needs.

We offer the system on a TURN KEY basis!


Please contact us with a brief description and size of your fleet and type of your business activity.
Based on such information, we will offer you the best vehicle surveillance model.

Free-of-Charge Testing

To all our potential customers, we are offering a free-of-charge testing on one of their vehicles to experience all benefits of this system by themselves.

Individual Approach

We shall jointly proceed with a pilot project which will eventually satisfy all your needs while also enhancing our offer to the existing customers.

Make an appointment for installation and get a

GROUNDSTAND VIEW of your FLEET as of today!

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