Anti-burglary Systems

Innovative and Flexible Systems

As a general agent of the Risco Group, we offer high quality, fully customized wired alarm systems.
Our anti-burglary systems are a new age systems, particularly flexible and easy to install.

Innovative, High Quality and Reliable Security Products

zicani alarmni sustavi

Wired Alarm Systems

A state-of-the art alarm system offers a number of possibilities ensuring significant savings in cabling, the time required for installation and maintenance of the system which will function perfectly over many years.
It can operate as a conventional wired system but there is also a possibility of upgrading the system with wireless electronic components which opens up a number of other possibilities.

Wireless Alarm Systems

The wireless alarm set includes everything that is necessary for the security of your home and office premises while being a user friendly set.
The alarm system may be upgraded with any additional wireless system equipment thus providing extra protection of your facility so that you can be completely sure that your home or office premises are protected with maximum levels of security measures.

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