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We are committed to providing reliable equipment and components of the world-renowned suppliers which enable us to implement any system, from the basic to the most sophisticated ones, in accordance with our clients’ requirements and needs. Our goal is to offer our clients a solid, reliable and financially affordable solution.

We are consistently developing our business and keeping up with the latest technology achievements to be able to offer new concepts and to ensure, through the use of our systems, full satisfaction of our clients that are posing new challenges to us!

Family Houses and Flats

Subject to the residential space demands and client’s wishes, you can protect your residential space with maximum safety measures by combining several security systems.

Office Premises

By integrating several systems a customer can get a fully customised security system. Access control and employee attendance tracking are ensured with Mobotix camera imaging.


Significant benefits are achieved with centralised surveillance where a single employee monitors several offices at a time via the employee attendance tracking and anti-burglary systems.

Storage Facilities

In these tasks, our systems have proven to be simple for installation with installation costs far less than those of any other competing systems.

Shopping Centres

Significant savings in combination with superior technology benefits can be achieved with Mobotix video surveillance systems.

Educational Institutions and Museums

With professional equipment and qualified staff we achieve a high level of security of this type of facilities.

Financial Institutions

Full protection and detailed surveillance at all times make any employee of such institutions less endangered.

Gas Stations

A wide image spectrum, night and day visibility of registration plate details, traffic records – these are the solutions offered by us for such tasks.

Extreme conditions/Innovations/Integrations

Registration plate identification software, bills printed out from POS cash register displayed on the camera, mobile video surveillance - M2D2

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